Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Black is back!

It's almost a year ago that i opened my own studio and things are going better than i have wished for.
Thanks to al the people, and customers who came by and supported and visit me this year, it's been a lot of fun and a eye opener for me.
Not only i have more peace of mind, more progress and better concentration/focus in a relaxed atmosphere with more time for my customers but i have also more time for my family, at the end it's a win win situation.
Tattooing now day's is more popular than ever and if you want to get a tattoo than this is moment in history that you can find in every style an artist who suits your needs.
The downsite is that there are so many shops out there only thinking commercial and just want to take your money and don't give a shit about tattooing, themselves and the customer.
Don't get me wrong but i think a lot of people take a tattoo like they buy a t-shirt, at the end when your shirt is worn out and your sick of it, you can dump it and tattoos don't work like that!

There have been a lot of change and new things these months, one of these things is that i still work at Sparta Tattoo in Hoorn only for 1 day in the month.
I have a great connection with Andre and his family and while i have my own studio i like to work there now and than with other people around me and share stories and knowledge.

This summer i wil work together with some friends and bonecarvers on the PIFE - Pacific Island Festival Europe that's organized this year in Assen in the Netherlands.
I will be tattooing there and sell some traditional tribal artwork, handpainted on handmade paper from Texel and Kosrae.

I started a collaboration with Green Banana Paper  from the Micronesian island Kosrae.
They  have started to create a sustainable ecological business to help the community of Kosrae, by making natural paper from fibers of banana, coconut and pineapple - they create beautiful papers and other products, check out there work on the link above and support this small island community.
This summer there will be paper with my designs on it available in a convention in Hawai.

And than i would like to ask my clients if you want to be so kind to help me out and write me a review on my google blackinktatau account?
Click on the following link: https://goo.gl/LHzhe4 

Thanx all the best,  Igor.

Artwork for PIFE

New Book, soon online for sale!

Work in progress...

Work in progress

Micronesian patterns on Green Banana Paper from Kosrae

Thanx Rob Deut and Taku Oshima for the sharing stories visit my studio